August 19

August 19


Psalms 112-115


Book #5: 107-150, cont’d.


Psalm 112


This Psalm is an acrostic like Psalm 111.


Psalm 112:1-9-The Psalmist describes the blessings that are received by those who fear the LORD.  The man who “fears the LORD” (:1)…will have no need to fear anything else (:7-8).  The righteous will be blessed by God (:2,3)…he will recognize that he is to bless others, even as God has blessed him (:4a)…so in turn, he will pass God’s blessings along to others (:4b,5,9).

Psalm 112:10-The wicked will see this passing along of God’s blessings by the righteous…will not understand why someone would bless others, and will eventually die.


Psalm 113


Psalm 113 Psalms 113-118, known as the Egyptian (because of Psalm 114) Hallel (meaning "praise"), are sung in connection with the Passover, the first two before the meal and the last four after…

The Ryrie Study Bible, Psalm 113, p. 907


Psalm 113:1-4-The Psalmist issues a call to God’s people to continuously praise the LORD because He reigns supreme over all things on earth and in heaven (:4).

Psalm 113:5-He is also to be praised for the fact that while He is God, Who reigns supreme (:5), He is willing take an interest in His creation (:6) and to care for those who are in need…the poor and the needy (:7), and the woman who cannot give birth to a child (:9).


Psalm 114


This Psalm commemorates the Exodus and what God did during that time.  It speaks of the miracles that He performed as seen from the perspective of the physical realm…the earth, the sea, the Jordan River, and the mountains...and how they responded to His power.


Psalm 114:1-2-When the Jews moved out of Egypt (:1)…God moved into their midst (:2).

Psalm 114:3-8-The point that the Psalmist is making is that all of creation marvels at the power of God.


Psalm 115


Psalm 115:1-8-The Psalmist contrasts the LORD who is alive and in Heaven...with the idols of other religions that have no life.  The pagan followers of other religions would hold up the statues, the idols that represented their God and claim that because Israel had no such statues, then they had no such God.  But the Psalmist says that the God is Israel is too big to be held in one small, manmade statue…He fills up all of Heaven (:3a).  Not only that, but the pagan followers of other religions believed that because they had made the statues of the god, they controlled the god of the statue.  The Psalmist turned the table and said that because God made all of creation, He could do whatever He pleased (:3b).  The Psalmist then goes on to explain that the idols are nothing but the products of men…and as a result, while God is sovereign and has all power…the idols don’t even have human power (:4-8).

Psalm 115:9-18-The Psalmist calls upon all who trust in the Lord to give Him praise for His blessings (:9-15).  They are told to do so now while they have time...because the day will come when they will die and the opportunity to give God glory on earth will have passed (:16-18).


Prayer: Lord, I praise You this day.  You have been so gracious in the blessings You have given me.  I pray for my brothers and sisters around the world who are struggling.  Some struggle because of the lack of the basic necessities of life…food, shelter, water.  Some struggle because of the devastation of war.  Some struggle because of persecution.  Some struggle because of sickness.  Father, hear the cries of Your children and care for them.  Even as the Psalmist says…You are their help and shield.  Be mindful of them and bless them.


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