August 14

August 14


Psalms 99-102


Book #4: 90-106, cont’d.


Psalm 99


Psalm 99:1-5-Here we find a declaration of God's reign over all the people of earth (:1,2), the angels in Heaven (:1), and the natural elements of the earth (:1).  For this reason people should worship Him (:3).  The Psalmist declares that God is holy (:3). Because God is holy, His reign as King is characterized by holiness (:4).  Again, the Psalmist declares that we should worship God because He is holy and (:5).

Psalm 99:6-9-There is a reference to God's reign over His people in the past and that (1) He answered their prayers, (2) forgave them of their sins, and (3) held them accountable for their sin.  Finally, there is another statement that He is holy and that we should worship Him because of that very fact.


Psalm 100


Psalm 100:1-3 A Psalm of praise to the Lord...calling on all people to shout joyfully to Him, serve Him with gladness, come into His presence with singing, and recognize that He is God the one, true, and only God.  We are His people not because we have chosen Him…but, because He has chosen us (:3b).

Psalm 100:4-5-Because God is good, His lovingkindness never ends, and He is faithful to all generations.  We are to come before Him with thanksgiving, praise, and speaking of good things concerning Him.


Psalm 101


Psalm 101:1-2-David says that he has chosen to follow the Lord and to do nothing that would lead him in another direction.  In fact, he says that as King he will take responsibility to punish those who seek to do so.  Notice the numerous specific practices he will follow in order to live a life of integrity (NASV)…

  • “set no worthless thing before my eye” (:3)…if it does not benefit him spiritually he will have nothing to do with it
  • “hate the work of those who fall away; it shall not fasten its grip on me” (:3)…he will not allow the deeds of those who fall away from God to influence him
  • “A perverse heart shall depart from me” (:4)…he will not spend time in the presence of people who disobey God
  • “I will know no evil” (:4)…he will not be involved in something that he knows is wrong
  • “Whoever secretly slanders his neighbor, him I will destroy” (:5)…he will take sides with those that are maliciously slandered
  • “No one who has a haughty look and an arrogant heart will I endure” (:5)…he will not spend time with people who look down on others
  • “My eyes shall be upon the faithful” (:6)…he will spend time with those who faithfully follow God
  • “He who walks in a blameless ways it the one who will minister to me” (6)…he will seek out those who follow God to be the ones who give spiritual counsel to him
  • “He who practices deceit shall not dwell within my house” (:7)…he will not spend time with those who are dishonest
  • “He who speaks falsehood shall not maintain his position before me” (:7)…he will having nothing to do with liars
  • “Every morning I will destroy all the wicked of the land” (:8)…he will not overlook those who do evil, but will hold them accountable.


Psalm 102


Psalm 102:1-11-The Psalmist begins by saying that he is calling out to God for help and asks Him to not turn a deaf ear to him, but to respond quickly (:1-2).  He then describes himself in terms of intense destitution and sorrow.  His situation is so bad that he has been affected physically (perhaps a fever, :3-4a), cannot eat (:4b), he spends his time alone (:5-6), and he cannot sleep (:7).  If that wasn’t bad enough, his enemies are constantly saying bad things about him (:8).  He has sought God through the practices of mourning to no avail (:9-10).  The days seem to just go on and on, with no end in sight (:11a), and he slowly dying away (:11b).

Psalm 102:12-22-He says that God is going to rescue His people in such a way that future generations will be aware of it and He will be praised (:18,21-22).  This knowledge helps him to know that there is a purpose for his suffering and strengthens his confidence and faith in God.

Psalm 102:23-28-He concludes by saying that while generation after generation will pass away...God is eternally the same and unchangeable (:24b,27,28).  This fact also gives him confidence and faith in God.


Prayer: Lord, sometimes when I go through difficult times I try to find a reason for it.  Is there something that You are trying to teach me…there is a lesson to be learned in the struggle?  Are You using my suffering to teach something to someone else as they watch how I deal with it (because they may soon be going through the same thing)?  Are You allowing me to go through this so that I will respond in faith and You will be glorified in the eyes of others when they see You respond?  Lord, sometimes it is difficult to know why there are difficulties and trials in my life.  But regardless, Lord…I will continue to praise You.  I will remember that You have always been faithful to me in the past and that because You are eternal and never change…You will always be faithful to me in the future.

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